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 A SPECIAL NOTE   Concepcion is in good health.  She attributes this to the many miles she walked daily.  Her first home which is a house that is located across the old police station borders Cleveland St.  She mentioned that she would daily walk to and from work at least 5 days a week.  Combine this 1+mile walk and her work at the Bird’s Eye Cannery and you have a blend for good health.  She also eats natural foods and claims that two meals are plenty to keep her going.  

The “good-bye” “hasta la próxima” (until next time) often takes a few minutes.  She continues to talk because she has much to say and I like to listen.  Prior to 2002 I had seen and greeted Concepcion a handful of times.  However, recently we treat each other like family.  I am convinced that our MIGRANT PAST has helped cement our relationship and for this, I FEEL BLESSED!

Concepcion deserves more time and enough pages to share part of her life.  If God gives me time, I would like to review my notes, the audio and video clips and share more about this Grand-Lady…CONCEPCION!


In 2002 at our first REUNION DE “Pioneros de Oregon” before an audience of 300 people con cariňo, I presented Concepcion Cardoso with a plaque de “Familia Pionera.”

She has been a consistent supporter of “Pioneros de Oregon” annual REUNION.  She also enjoys being accompanied by her children.  She immediately notes that all her children are doing well, but laments that not all her grandchildren speak Spanish.  “Yo no sé mucho inglés” para comunicarme. Among families who have been in Oregon for more than one generation, the lack of bilingualism among children is not unusual.   I found grandparents a bit concerned about children growing up and not knowing their parents first language and perhaps losing other cultural attributes. 

PIONEROS DE OREGON has enjoyed and much appreciated the consistent help by the Cardoso Brothers.   Danny who is a restaurateur has been generous as he appreciates the intent of “Pioneros de Oregon” activities and he himself is twig from this large Pionero Population in Marion County, Oregon.  Danny’s story can be motivating to the youth of today.  He will be featured in one of our stories in early 2013; “Si Dios Quiere.”

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