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Ponchito 1 said it best 2180 miles away from the Center of a special PLACE & TIME…ASHERTON-CHETO 50 years after “The Guadalupe Treaty of 1848.  I must add that our GENTE from the southwest and in particular Tejas suffered the most under this transaction; The Alamo, La Revolucion del Norte de Mexico, Annexation of what will become the largest land transaction and the most rich in all of what Mother Nature can provide.  The inhabitants of the time were either MEXTIZOS or natives.  For a long period of time the Familias felt like they were a People without a country; this is reflected on the low homestead ownership by people who were already here long before the explorers and/or the conquistadores were in the Continent. 

I note this important phase of history because there was no reason why poverty and the lack of national-connection, political oppression should have been experienced by the people along Northern Old Mejico or more specifically Land Treaty of Feb. 2, 1848-or 55% of Mejico’s territory or parts of present day- Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah.   Only the Military War ended, but many battles ensued for those people who decided to stay where they lived for centuries and before the arrival of the European Force and others. 

According to the accounts of my dad Arturo and many other men including Ponchito 1 who had an interest in the political, cultural and military evolution of the time or the 1st phase of the 20th Century…La Revolucion in the northern part of Mejico and the Treaty of Guadalupe created a double jeopardy for those of mixed race – MEXTIZOS or indigenos who had to resettle in a place that used to be THEIRS!  This phase of our HISTORY will set the scene for our work in locating and celebrating our ROOTS.  We are the GENTE CONTINENTAL Y ORIGINAL before our land was renamed AMERICA.  It is with RESPECT  and REVERANCE that we look back to our SPECIAL PAST!


GRACIAS to Dalia Barrera who in 2008 after the Annual Cheto Reunion (also found in this website)..urged me to go see her uncle who knew my dad Arturo.  Not only did Ponchito 1 knew him he was also his “Compadre.”  Llevo un santito para que lo vendicieran-He took an ICON to church and sponsored the blessing..thus Compadres and Amigos forever.  This type of reverence among –Nuestra Gente- Our People- is seldom practiced.  It is a custom of FAITH that produced relationships and love for GOD or a special relationship between a believer and his Santo-Santa.  One of the most revered, loved and sought after Santa is “La Patrona de las Americas” La Virgen the Guadalupe!

Dalia Barrera is married to Eloy Barrera son of Enrique Barrera who was also Ponchito’s compadre del diamante; part of the Cheto Baseball Team.  Asherton “Cheto” is a unique town-en broma-jockingly we kid around when discussing people.  It is like a CHAIN-everyone is connected, related, is a compadre/comadre to everyone else. So it is difficult to “mitotear”.. or get involved in any “hearsay”…and as we acknowledge this special social structure we smile-laugh and try to insert a joke or two about someone; just for fun…of course!

Additionally the vernacular in Cheto also includes various “ademanes” physical gestures.  These are a mix of Tejanismo and also local elements that only Chetonians can use, define and recognize. A stranger like me back in 1953 when I first visited Asherton, stood like a telephone pole..even at a distance people knew I was not a local.  It was in Oregon that I became acquainted with Tejanos like Dalia, Eloy and their family..

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