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PENDING  More on this family is being researched and for now this will help add to the 1000 of pages pending on the Tex-Mex Oregon Story which connects Asherton and St. Paul in a unique way. 

I occasionally see Gabriel (son) and he is quick to ask:  "Where is our story"… My reply--I need to sit down with you and see the shoe-box of pictures you have.  This date is pending!

Until we meet again…Miguel





Word of mouth and driving a new car on the way back from Oregon was the best way to convince the local Ashertonians to try Oregon as their next destination point. 
The AYALA family was guided by Don Gabriel and Doña Juanita Ayala.  Gabriel and Juanita met in Asherton which was close to their home min Catarinas, Texas.  Catarinas is known as a ghost town as most people left it in search for work and a better life.
Dona Juanita was surrounded by men only.  Her husband and six boys created a family that needed a lot of daily care.  As most migrants the Ayala's experimented with a few places throughout the United States, but decided to make Oregon their last stop.  Having family already in the area such as Dona Amelia made the decision easy.  Work contacts were also available as the majority of the work force in the early 1950's was from Asherton -- Cheto-Ashinto! :-)