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The SOURCES cited in this page provide our visitors a quick tour of the views, impressions or opinions of what we do and/or the subjects we cover.  The authors who report on their views have had complete freedom to write their own account and we, the authors, Miguel and Lidia Salinas, are not responsible for their content.  We may on occasion supply a written explanation/opinion to help clarify and/or to support the content being covered.  Thus far the writers/reporters who have reported on our activities have been thorough and fair.   The internet especially and other more specific sources are a good back up to verify some details.  As for the majority of the content for our website it originates from the Salinas-Saldana library/archives. 

The content, presentation mode, style and other details in our website is an attempt at communicating a message(s) that are told from the 1st person singular perspective i.e., I was there (1st person singular)…we were there (3rd person singular).  For the most part, our interviews are conducted singularly, small groups or couples i.e., two people who are married; this is a well known template of conducting oral history. 

OUR APOLOGIES There is no doubt that our photo (my wife Lidia’s and mine) appears a bit too frequently.  As the main authors and managers of all we do, we have no other option, but to appear in the majority of the photos, audio/video clips.  Our inclusion also adds to the authenticity of the material.  It can also be viewed as auto-biographical in the sense that we interact with the majority of the subjects we cover. 

THANK YOU Our gratitude to ALL the people who have helped us recount, revisit and revive our PAST cannot be expressed with a simple “GRACIAS”.. We would add that we consider the opportunity a privilege and a blessing to be able to spend our “Golden Years” collecting stories of a SPECIAL TIME LIKE NO OTHER and more importantly, a perspective from PEOPLE WHO WERE THERE, OUR PIONEROS DE OREGON! 

Con AMISTAD!  Miguel A. Salinas and Lidia S. Saldaňa 

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El Centinela, Online news resource.

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First Latino to graduate from Gervais High returns to reward school, Richard Jones, El Hispanic News. November 1, 2012.

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West Linn educator Miguel Salinas honored by Oregon Commission on Hispanic Affairs, Michaela Lopez, The Oregonian. April 16, 2010.