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Mando-short for Armando!
In Asherton most of the residents had nick names.  A close-knit community has the tendency of extending their “affection or likeability” by christening the residents with a nick name.  “Mando” can also be interpreted as-“I am the boss”….:)


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Cameras were not a common thing to have in the early days.  The photo below is a painted portrait of  Mr. Cecilio and Antonia Bustamante-their parents.

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The letter on the next page was sent to me by Armando Bustamante who resides in Texas; son of Cecilio Bustamante and Antonia Salinas.  Armando came to our “Pioneros de Oregon” event on the 24th of June 2012.  He joined many of his fellow Ashertonians who have long resided in Oregon.  Armando is the youngest of 8 siblings and three of his siblings have passed:  Claudio a long time resident and farmer in St. Paul Oregon and Cleotilde who resided in St. Paul after retirement and Mauro whose family still lives in Asherton.  His brother Lauro who worked for farmers in St. Paul was well known in the area and has resided in McMinnville since his retired.  Lauro lives with his wife Merlene.

Lauro or “Lalo” as we all call him seems to retain the title of the “ELDER” of the remaining Bustamante siblings and it is evident that it is he who brings the Tejanos back to Oregon.  Everyone of the Bustamante’s is approaching or has passed the age of “tres reales.”  Un real in old Tejano vernacular is worth “25.”