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Miguel A. Salinas and Lidia S. Salinas
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Throughout the website some of the stories/photos will appear in more than one window.  The theme and content sometimes are applicable to more than one window-theme.  For example the Widow-Education and window in Civics may have the same article due to the nature of the subject i.e., the story on early migrant students and perhaps a law that was passed to address the needs of the students.  Another example might be the Window-Culture and Window-Civics; the subject “Fiesta Mexicana.” 

The “Photo Gallery” will also appear to be repetitive for the same reasons as for the text.  We hope that the photo gallery can be a good “Quick Glance” at the subjects/faces/themes or menu that one can expect.   

SOURCES FOR PHOTOS   We are lucky to have lived in Oregon for more than 50 years.  Caramba!..that’s a half a century and to be developing a website is rewarding, humbling, time consuming and brings many challenges as we commit to writing a few thoughts, opinions or accounts of what we have learned.  In the year 2002, when we begin to seriously consider a website as a medium to share part of the Migrant Experience in Oregon we begin to invest on equipment to help us record and collect information.  Ten years later we have been blessed with the opportunity to launch our website (10.12-2012).  Presently, it is safe to say that considering the volume of information we have which does not take into account an occasional opinion on current events we have just scratched the surface or 1% of our available information.  Our approach is unconventional and we hope that YOU can visit our website often to see the weekly ENTRIES.  Remember the time period between 1929 and 1966 is our first priority.  Entries will also be included after 1966 depending on the subject and relevance.   We accept stories for consideration.  Please use the contact page to start our discussion. -Miguel and Lidia     GRACIAS!

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