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Five + decades ago.

Jim Winters broke color barrier in Oregon coaching

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A historical moment!

Most of you have heard of Jimmy.  While at St. Paul, Oregon in 1962,  I had the pleasure of meeting him as a new freshman at ST. Paul High School.  This morning during a meeting,  I sat next to this photograph which is proudly pinned to a bulletin board in the local Fire Hall.  As I looked at the photograph and asked a few of the kids (now retired and with all the décor of a 70+ year old person) who had him as a teacher-- What do you remember about this teacher?  The replies did not surprise me!  "He was one of my best teachers"… "He was my best coach"…. "The big city (Portland) would not hire him"…."His wife missed the big town"…He was a gentleman"…YES, all of the above.  The IDOL-ATHLETE of Portland came to St. Paul High School and made a ONCE IN A LIFETIME IMPACT.  A colleague of his Leslie "Buck" Weatherill had nothing, but praise.   Dick Jones TSPC Director  roomed with him during a game;  PRAISE again!  The big city?...should have, could have and didn't!    YOU can add your own conclusion to this short story about a SPECIAL MAN!

Looking back, I realize how blessed I was to be in such company.

Miguel MAS-Tex-Mex 10.18.15


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