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Tejanos and Tex-Mex in St. Paul, Oregon 1943-1944


TO:  SPMHS Board of Directors
FROM:  Miguel A. Salinas, Historian and SPMHS Board Member
DATE:  Feb. 17, 2011

  •  Reconnecting with Dr. Ronald Petrie who taught and administered the Public Schools  in 1956-58; our paths would cross four more pivotal times. 
  • Interviewed (at her bedside) Florence Saafeld who taught in St. Paul Schools most of her professional life- 2008; my teacher in grades 5/6
  • Meeting and being nominated by Gerald  Jensen  and the affirmative vote by Board for my inclusion as part of the SPMHS- 2009
  • Confirming the matrimony of my parents Arturo Flores Salinas and Maria Salome Amezcua 1953  and the baptism of my sister Virginia 1951
  • Confirmed where my parents lived in 1953- The  Bunning’s Farm on Blanchet Rd.  My parents  became known as the family from the “chicken –coop”
  • Receiving a photo copy o my report card – St. Paul Parochial School  1954
  • Interview with Marianne Ernst  2009  Confirmation of my parents and uncle as laborers for the Ernst Farms;  my uncle’s name was Antonio Amezcua
  • Interview with Rosella McKay “Remembering Joe”…In the late 50’s, Joe was Miguel’s adult mentor after school.  According to Rosella, Joe recalled a Mexican student who came to talk to him after school.-- Dec. 2010 
  • Sister Alberta, Mt. Angel College 1966-Reconnected with her in 2008; and confirmed information regarding Sister Rose who was my wife’s (Lidia) boss 1965-66.  Sister Rose was the Business Manager for Mt. Angel College.
  • Interview with Rita Koessler Schneider and her daughters  Feb. 12, 2011—daughter’s  Ginny Doran and Lena Koessler assisted in the discussion confirming the story of four men traveling north on 99-E.   Their car broke down and instead  of fixing the car..they were invited to work at the Koessler Ranch..1943-44; the men were:  Manuel Garcia, Santos Vasquez, Arturo F. Salinas (my father) and one other unidentified man also from Asherton, Texas.


GRACIAS:  SPMHS  Board, Maryanne Ernst, Marian Kuch- assisted with some of my research, Rosella McKay, Dr. Ron Petrie, Florence Saafeld (RIP),   Maximiano Salinas, Gerald Lenzen-nominated me to the SPMHS, Father Charles Borho, Charles Geis- School Principal, Sister Alberta-Benedictine Sisters-Mt. Angel, Oregon, and Rita Koessler-St. Paul, Oregon…These people have made the “prologue” of my future work possible.  A true blessing!  “By writing other people’s story,  I discovered my own.”