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William Ewaliko considered a foreign student because Hawaii was not yet a state.

The Capital Journal (Salem, Marion County, Oregon USA) Oct. 24, 1947

1925  -  William Ewaliko  - 2018

The student from Hawaii was a visitor from another country/land in 1947.   Hawaii was granted statehood on August 21, 1959

Mr. Ewaliko a person to remember!   His list of LIFE’s accomplishments is something to behold.   I am honored to have been one of his students at Gervais Hi; the building is now an elementary school. 

Sports and Mr. Ewaliko were synonymous from the time he got off the plane and joined Willamette University.   After graduation in 1954, he was offered a job at the Gervais School District; his assignment P.E. teacher and coach.  He also volunteered at McLaren School for Boys.

This mix of contact with students, parents and community motivated Mr. Ewaliko to also serve in the local city council.  Early in his career, he learned how the blend of education, sports, families and city government were inter-related.  He became a strong local figure.  He knew every student in the school, saw the parents/families at and off the field and was always surrounded by students; popular?  More than that! “Teacher and Coach Ewaliko” became well known locally, as well as, at the state level.  It is safe to assert that he was the only Hawaii born teacher.  In fact, Hawaii had not obtained statehood when he got his new teaching job in 1954.

Twenty years separated Mr. Ewaliko and me.  I wanted to be in sports but due to my age (one year beyond the mark) I did not qualify to participate.   My consolation to this dilemma—he told me to get some of the athletes into shape; so, I did my best. 

The Gervais Community and the teaching profession is honored to have had such a “Champion.”  A person for all seasons..and all the sports!  William Ewaliko “Bill!”

I am honored to be part of his path and humbled and honored to be alive to express my gratitude.  I am certain that the Gervais Alumni feel the same—WE ALL THANK YOU!

While Mr. Ewaliko enjoyed a long life, the passing of a LOVED one is always difficult.  My CONDOLENCES TO THE FAMILY.


Miguel A. Salinas Gervais Hi Grad-1966
Jan. 19, 2019