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Daniel "Adán" Martínez

Inez Ramirez or Dr, Inez Ramirez also known as "Neche" (nick name given by his Cheto friends) remembers--I will always remember Dan's wedding; in fact, it was the wedding of the century.  Dan and his first wife Crucita were definitely distinguished and elegant couple.  It seems that no matter what they wore, their uniqueness was always present. 

Crucita's first trip to Oregon in 1948 landed her family at a place called Fairfield, Marion County, Oregon.  Fairfield was a well known and frequented community in the early days of Marion's County development.  Unfortunately the Fairfield Community has all, but vanished.  The main landmarks that reminds the public of this once thriving community is the Y on the road which unites French Prairie with Hwy 219 that leads to St. Paul, Oregon.  Crucita remembers how friendly and courteous people were upon their arrival.  She also added that there were times that she felt out of place as people used to stare at her.  Her former husband Dan or Daniel or Adan confided in me that she was an attractive lady.  Having known Crucita for more than 50 years chances are 50/50 that people were taken by her good looks.  However, back to Neche's observation of this couple a few years after the spring and summer at Fairfield…"They were an elegant couple and had the best Cheto-Asherton-Ashinto wedding to date" said Inez Ramirez. 

NOTE TO THE READER to talk about Adan without a reference to Crucita is not possible.  The reverse is also true.  Adán and Crucita remarried to other people.  They both lived in Woodburn and within a few minutes from each other.  When one sees their children both Adán and Crucita's name and persona come to mind.  Both Crucita and Adan (RIP)

"Adán" was a nickname that was derived from Dan short for Daniel.  In small towns where being familial is normal and expected, everyone had at least one name and of course at least one nickname.  Cruz GarcÍa Martinez first wife recalls how names in a small town can also keep people "private" or gives everyone a little space.  A person who is from out of town and does not know the rules of a small town like Asherton which itself has two nick names is in for a surprise of two.  Asherton is the official name of the town where Adan is from.  For the local folks Asherton is "Cheto" or "Ashinto" which is used mostly by those who arrive to Asherton about 100 years ago. 

Adan was our wagon-train master mechanic.  By wagon-train we mean our migrant caravan of cars, pick-ups and trucks.  Every driver wanted to be close to Adan.  Being close by meant that if mechanical trouble came "Adan" would be called upon to help.  Adan was born to be a mechanic.  He had good trouble shooting skills, a good disposition, people liked him and with a cigarette in his mouth and a beer close by the FIX was not too far away.  The simplicity of the cars also made his skills create miracles.  Nothing was too difficult for a man who taught himself the science and the art of fixing these four-wheeled steel animals. 

Once the caravan reached its destination Adan's role did not change much.  In fact, although he was part of the field-labor crew he was content to stay in the camp and attend all the mechanical needs of the newly arrivals and later he would attend to the needs related to departure or other miscellaneous bells and whistles that drivers wanted to add to their vehicles.   

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