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Please use this form to contact Miguel and Lidia regarding the historical work seen herein. Below is disclaimer information. Not all information presented here is to be taken as absolute fact due to the nature of the information. Memories change over time and interpretations are subjective. We would love to hear of any additional stories and/or corrections to add to the information compiled here. Any questions, comments, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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DISCLAIMER: All the information displayed on this website originates from interviews, personal memories, photographs, audio/video clips, as well as, information obtained via public available sources.  NO story is complete; instead it is an introduction into a subject that is perpetual.  The sponsors hope that this website will serve as a motivator and that people or descendants from this “Special Time” submit their stories or their own account of the stories/content in this website.  Improvement of our effort depends on your input. Any questions, comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. We encourage appropriate and relevant input and content that we find not suitable for inclusion will not be posted.  Moreover, this website is totally supported by a family endowment and thus ALL proprietary rights are protected; copyright pending.  

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