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One does not have to be religious to believe in FAITH.  Any culture has a belief system.  For purpose of this brief article, I am not promoting FAITH nor imposing any religion and /or values on those who think differently.  As an observer I am convinced that our “Pioneros de Oregon” i.e., people whose age average 75-80 have survived by working and by keeping traditional FAITH in front of them.  By  front of them, of course I am referring to in front of their house or in the first room as you enter the main entrance of their apartment of home.  For those of us who understand the symbolism of the icons that occupy a shelf, pedestal or sometimes an entire wall…it is a soothing effect that one feels when the eyes of the icons are fixed on those of us who also occupy their space.   The norm within the “Pioneros de Oregon” community is that some type of religious alliance and faith continues to be a blend among people of Tejano-Mejicano roots.  The icons of belief adorn the entrance in many homes that I visited to interview some of our Pioneros de Oregon. 

soymiguel en este día 20 de septiembre 2012