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Our trip had a music-capsule surprise that had not been planned.  As we crossed the Oregon border into Idaho, we decided to stop at Boise for dinner.  A restaurant by a name that few of us would forget “Lock-Stock and Barrel” became our stop.  As we entered the restaurant we knew we were in the right place; the music by a duo directed by Chris Gutierrez was different and was pleasing the audience well.  A quick stop for dinner became a three hours of AMISTAD and entertainment.  As we left the premises Chris dedicated a song to us; we told him that we would add it to our website.  Chris’s last name is a result of a German mother and a Mexican father.  He spoke some Spanish and he was refining it every day.  He lived in Iowa most of his life and now he found himself exploring the western side of the USA. 

Once in Texas we attended a 50th anniversary where we saw EVIDENCE of CULTURA viva!  More than 200 people in attendance and all relatives; you see the bride and groom of 50 years ago had 12 siblings within each family.  Do the math; what happens when 24 human beings become adults and they too multiply.  Also in Texas we attended el REBENTON (Music Jam) de Musica Tejana during the Fiesta en San Antonio, Texas which essentially means eat-drink-and-make a lot of friends 24/7 for a week.  A music galleria will be added to the cultural section of our website. Video clips will be added and reflect a non-tourist approach to taking video (estimation) which means that the camera will not be ALL THAT STEADY OR ON TARGET.   All photographs and video were taking using the Miguel’s GPS which worked most of the time!

Last but not least was a visit with Martin Zavala and his wife “Bebe” who has been playing music for 50+years.  A true  ASHERTONIAN; I will respectfully call him the DIE-HARD Chetonian.  He gave me a CD and asked me to share it with toda la RAZA de Oregon.  Additionally before we said “Hasta la proxima” we dedicated a personal song that for which I am blessed and thankful.

More information will be added to the theme of Tejano-Mejicano – Tex-Mex Music as it is the glue that holds a special culture together.  As non-Tejanos my wife and I have evolved with the music.  Honestamente la música Tejana era una cosa nueva para nosotros cuando eramos teen-agers y no la procurábamos.  Hoy es parte de nuestra dieta de CULTURA Y ENTRETENIMIENTO.   En otro artículo había comentado que la música Tejana crece con uno; esta es la evidencia.

Music is a great bridge and so is food.  Tejano music slowly making a comeback, but only in the southwest.  Thankfully, people like the Salinas Brothers who have resided in Marion County Oregon for more than 50 years continue on occasion to entertain the Tejanada.  Events like the in San Antonio also create an atmosphere where music is displayed in many forms but principally with the Tejano Theme…Si Seňor!  And “Los Rancheritos de Asherton” continue to surprise everyone with their longevity and GUSTO for Tejano Music.  It is part family, part pride but more than anything else is ROMANCE among the Rancheritos and la musica that are basically ONE; they are INSEPARABLES!  While the BOYS from Asherton travel en su treilita packing their instruments from pueblo to pueblo and sometimes also dropping on the big cities, Magdalena,  Martin’s wife maintains the FORT back home. 

We visited with Martin and Magdalena for three hours and we barely got introduced into this TIMELINE of  MUSICA a la “TEX-MEX” and what it mean to be a true ASHERTONIAN!  MIL GRACIAS POR SU HOSPITALIDAD Y GENEROSIDAD – MIL GRACIAS

Enjoy the GALLERIA of photographs and music and SALUDOS de Miguel y Lidia!


Miguel A. Salinas Pionero, Historiador, Autor