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One common thing about retirees is their love of gardening.  Each time I would visit Concepcion she would ask me to follow her to her garden and she and I had cultivated enough trust that a game would follow. Predictably she would always ask me not to take her picture. Like most people she never thought she was ready for a good photo-shot.  A few minutes later she would pose and then asked me to see the photo.  Thanks to digital photography, I was able to show her immediately the results; then, with a special look and soft smile she would ask me to follow her to the next plant.  She must have been a lot of FUN as a younger person.  Each time I visited her she would send me home with a smile and much to remember. And besides being photogenic, her persona is special and we treat each other almost like family; our migrant past helped us enjoy each other’s company.

In the early days of border crossing between Mexico and Texas coming to the USA was as easy as visiting Mexico.  With a simple “card to cross the border” Marcelino crossed at the Matamoros-Brownsville border. His crossing began with a desire to visit and with an invitation to work; Marcelino was a mason. 

Later he would meet Concepcion and they married and had many children.  Most the children still live in Oregon but some live out of state.  Concepcion wishes that her children could live closer so she did not have to fly; “no me gusta volar a mi” she adds with a facial expression unique to Concepcion.

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