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Although she had little schooling her command of the language, life experiences, cultural, social and domestic tribulations and her wit were enough to make anyone listen.  She was a student from the University of Life “platicando” on otro estudiante (talking to another student).  Her daily life routine reminded me of my mother, Maria (RIP) whom she knew.  Concepcion lived by herself and found many ways of passing the time; sewing and mending clothes were a daily form of enjoying her solitude.  She added that she only ate two meals a day.


People like Concepcion seem to have a wealth of information. I could never fill my curiosity about her youth; her life and her present thoughts were such that I always ran over my time allotment for my interview.  “Ya se va?”… Are you going now? was her question as I began to put away my equipment.  Frankly, I didn’t want to leave and I also had the feeling she wanted me to stay for a few more minutes which I often did.





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