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The majority of the Hispanic People in the state of Oregon, including educators are unaware the initial foundation that was molded in the early years of Educating youth from families who traveled to the northwest from principally the southwestern states.  The person more responsible for advocating, developing, implementing and even for creating the early the research which will later be used to pass laws and provide funding is Dr. Ron Petrie.  One of his documented efforts in this area almost 20 years later after the passage of HB      under the auspices of our Gov. Mark O.  Hatfield and Rex Putnam Supt. of Public Schools was the creation of a  Film: “Text books for Migrants.”

These are some photos that were taken when the film was made.  The education community would gain greatly from a special story that has seldom been told; yet it constitutes the “genesis” for much of what we see today in the area of educating students from the migrant stream.

Ron Petrie: Author & Narrator

TITLE: “Text books for Migrants”


Dr. Ronald Petrie was an educational leader and a visionary.  His teaching and administrative experience in St. Paul, Oregon helped ED guide Programs for Migrants.


Dr. Petrie was a hands-on educator who often interacted with students.  One of his students recalls Mr. Petrie playing softball with the students.  The interaction outside the classroom created other learning opportunities.