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All websites are unique and is no different.  We have integrated some tools to make your visit easy and hopefully informative.  We are also an evolving website originating from our home and also family operated.  Since the range of knowledge and ability to surf the web and visit website is varied we have added an explanation of the tools we are using to make your visit easier, enjoyable and hope you return often to see the new material which is added weekly.  So, here are the tools and options you have:

BLOG in addition to the website we have added a BLOG which appears at the top of every page on the website. It is the link “TexMex Alerts!”. Bloggers can express their opinion/comments/suggestions etc on the blog. 

TRANSLATION… Please click here for more information.

SEARCH… At the top of the page there is a Google-powered custom search cell. Enter the word, title or other any other item of interest to activate the search cell; this will make your search more focused depending on your need or desire. Your results will be specific to

CONTACT PAGE When you encounter a problem with your search, visit etc., feel free to fill the contact page with the proper information and we will act as quickly as we can. 

SOURCES Please click here for more information.

FLICKR the photographs and slide show are produced using the program called “Flickr” which is a popular program for websites and blogs.  The quality of the photographs will vary depending on the quality of the originals.  You can stop the slide show by putting your mouse cursor over the pictures and clicking the two vertical lines to “pause,” located at the bottom left corner of the slide show. You can enlarge by clicking the button with arrows at the bottom right corner of the slideshow. Once enlarged, you can click the arrow button in the bottom right corner of the slideshow to go back to normal operation.  If you experience photographs that don’t make sense or truly don’t belong to our TEXMEX effort it is because “Flickr” is designed as public domain software and thus we have no control of the operation; thank you for your understanding going forward. 

VIDEO/AUDIO   Most of the clips will be introductory to help describe a story and thus the time will be limited depending on the material that is available.  The quality depends on the original format.  For video the “You Tube” format has been used; most viewers are familiar with this format and know how to start, pause or end the clip. Audio software is to be determined, and this page will be updated to reflect those changes when the time comes.