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Daily, before leaving the house Miguel makes sure that he is well equipped. Cameras were a luxury when he was growing up and he missed a lot of important events. As a novice historian he could sure use a few of those…once in a life time photo opportunities and/or a recording that could help tell a story today.
Today’s small instruments make packing them easy and readily available; Miguel’s favorite place to maintain preparedness? His waist under a belt that he has worn for more than 30 years!
Miguel’s advice to others: “Be prepared as you will never know how your efforts will help you tell a story 50 years from NOW." :-)

ASHERTON TEXAS….that special town! These are a few photographs of the town from whence most of the migrants who traveled to St. Paul, Oregon are from.



OCHA MEETING 4.2010 Dr. Juan Guzman and Lidia Salinas are waiting for the OCHA Oregon Office Council Hispanic Affairs meeting to start April, 2010.



OLD GLORY Silverio and Maria Zarate “Tejanos” adored tortillas, pan dulce and OLD GLORY! I have never met someone as loyal as Silverio. Silverio and Maria have passed on to ETERNAL LIFE. When I interviewed this couple…Maria said with all her love and respect…”Silverio tiene dos esposas..SU BANDERA Y YO.” Silverio has two wives…his FLAG and me!